Now there is a powerful tool that master e-commerce operations plus fulfill customer expectations. Introducing Dot Connector, a brand new e-commerce solution that integrates your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system and Magento store trusted platform.

Synergized key benefits include:

  • SaaS model which provide flexible payment method
  • flexible customization capability for scalable operations
  • comprehensive accounting system support that lessen administrative work
  • centralized inventory management that minimize order aging and improve forecast
  • self-service customer portals for B2B/B2C customers by automating customer information sync
  • Worldwide Standard Security platform
  • responsive SEO support

With Dot Connector Bundle solution, your customised platform can empower you to drive sales, operational efficiency and customer experience.

You can further reduce cost with our flat fee system and flexible packages.

Our standard plan starts at $2,888 only and we are offering limited FREE trial for early subscribers.

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